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Do not accept the senseless death from cancer any longer!

For decades, cancer has threatened the lives of millions of people worldwide. The spreading of the disease has remained unresolved for many years. Furthermore, in order to maintain the pharmaceutical industry’s business with toxic chemotherapy drugs, cancer has been kept as a ‘death verdict’ in the perception of people.

Now, cancer is no longer a mysterious disease: All types of cancer use the same mechanism to spread through the body. All people worldwide – even those without medical knowledge – can now understand these cellular processes.

What’s more, by spreading these new findings, we – the people – can now help control the cancer epidemic. Victory over cancer is within our grasp – and thereby possible.

The book “Victory over Cancer” helps you in this task!

Did you know?

  • Until today, every fourth man and every fourth woman living in Europe dies of cancer.
  • Cancer can be caused by many factors, but all types of cancer use the same mechanism to spread through the body: ‘biological scissors’ that digest the connective tissue around the cancer cell.
  • There are certain natural dietary molecules – micronutrients – which are able to block these biological scissor enzymes.
  • These findings are now becoming accepted worldwide.
  • For almost a decade, Dr. Rath, the scientific pioneer who discovered this key mechanism of controlling cancer naturally, has been debased and attacked by the drug lobby – and still did not give up.
  • Dr. Rath’s research has now been dramatically confirmed by clinical studies from the world-renowned Mayo Clinic (USA). For the first time ever, this study provided evidence that micronutrients are able to stop – and reverse – blood cancer (leukemia).
  • A large number of research facilities and universities worldwide are now carrying out studies to document the health benefits of micronutrients in fighting cancer.

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