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The Scientific Breakthrough

Natural Control of Cancer Cell Spread –
The 'Holy Grail of Medicine'

On May 12, 2002, in a landmark article, the San Francisco Chronicle described the control of cancer invasion as the still evasive 'Holy Grail of Medicine'.

Here we present the answer to this important search based on the initial discovery of the natural control of cancer by Dr. Rath and more than a decade of pioneering research at our Institute in California.

  1. Cancer cells – without exception and irrespective of their origin – use the same mechanism for spread and metastasis: the digestion of collagen and connective tissue.
  2. The hallmark of every cancer cell – beside continuous multiplication – is the unlimited production of collagen digesting enzymes (plasminogen activators, metalloproteinases) functioning as 'biological scissors' that allow cancers to grow invasively and metastasize.
  3. The degree of malignancy of any type of cancer is largely determined by the produced amount of 'biological scissor' enzymes.
  4. The aggressive nature of the cancer disease can now be also explained: Cancer cells abuse a mechanism – enzymatic collagen digestion – that is already used by our body under normal, physiological conditions, including the migration of white blood cells during infection, of egg cells during ovulation as well as the process of tissue restructuring during pregnancy, lactation and growth. This 'biological camouflage' by cancer cells leaves our body largely defenseless against this disease.
  5. Our research over more than a decade has consistently shown that certain micronutrients are able to selectively inhibit the uncontrolled digestion of connective tissue by cancer cells, while not affecting physiological processes. Towards this goal, certain vitamins, amino acids, green tea extracts and other science-based plant derivatives act synergistically, allowing maximum effects with moderate amounts of these natural substances.
  6. Moreover, our research has documented that all key mechanisms of cancer disease can be inhibited by this micronutrient synergy, including tumor cell multiplication (growth), invasion (metastasis) and the formation of new tumor blood vessels (angiogenesis). Micronutrients can also reverse the immortality of cancer cells and induce natural death of cancer cells (apoptosis).
  7. First clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of these natural, safe and affordable approaches. A clinical study conducted at the Mayo Clinic showed that polyphenol extracts from green tea can halt and even reverse early stages of leukemia, naturally. Recently, the Journal of Clinical Oncology published a list of 100 clinical studies with micronutrients currently underway at the world's leading cancer research centers and academic institutions.
  8. Mankind is currently witnessing one of the great transformations in Medicine. The 'Era of chemical intoxication' of cancer patients – indiscriminately killing cancer and healthy cells alike – is being replaced by the 'Era of biological regulation' – selectively inhibiting and eliminating cancer cells.

Victory Over Cancer

Only once in the history of mankind is the discovery being made that will lead to the natural control of cancer.

A breakthrough of this nature leads the pioneering scientists on a path from the discovery of the underlying cellular mechanisms to the confirmation of new therapeutic approaches at the level of basic research and ultimately to the clinical proof in patients suffering from cancer.

‘Victory Over Cancer’ is not an achievement that is given to us, the people, voluntarily. Mankind has to earn the right to live in a world without fear of cancer. The battle for that fundamental right to become reality is being fought once.

The time is now.

Krebs - Das Ende einer Volkskrankheit

More details can be found in Dr. Rath’s and Dr. Niedzwiecki’s new book. You can read this book online here.