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A Cancer Free World is Possible

Ending the 'Age of Fear'

At the beginning of the 21st century, cancer remains one of the largest epidemics haunting mankind. The annual global death toll from cancer equals the entire population of New York City. During the four decades since the US Government has declared 'War on Cancer' the number of people killed from this disease equals that of the entire population of the USA.

Despite generations of new 'chemotherapy' drugs introduced, the 'survival rates' of most types of advanced cancers have remained at the same dismal level as half a century ago. Here we present a research breakthrough that promises to end the 'Age of Fear' and turn cancer from an almost certain 'death verdict' into a manageable disease.

Local "Cancer Free World" Initiatives

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Call For a Cancer Free World!

Based on scientific advances in the field of natural health, the historic opportunity exists to significantly reduce and eventually eliminate cancer as one of the most dreaded diseases of our time!

At this historic moment, we, as the scientists who lead this breakthrough, call upon the people of the world to take responsibility for their health and work towards a 'Cancer Free World' as the next great goal uniting all mankind!

Considering the colossal dimension of human and economic costs of the ongoing cancer epidemic – delay and indifference are not options!

The book 'Victory Over Cancer' serves as an educational guide towards this goal. It also provides the blueprint for an independent and prevention-oriented global health care.